Starke Yacht Care Maintenance Bucket

$169.99 $199.99

Starke Yacht Care Maintenance Bucket comes with everything you need to keep your boat looking brand new with the best of Starke Yacht Care maintenance products including: 

 Starke Pure Clean - PH neutral boat soap that cleans and won't strip any waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings. 

Starke Hydrate RTU - Waterless wash for your final touch ups small clean ups. 

Starke Simple Clean - All Purpose Cleaner to remove black streaks and any harder set in stains in your gel coat or vinyl. 

Starke Replenish - Easy to use, carbon-infused SiO2 maintenance coating that can be used as a spray-on, hose off (Hydro) wipe less application or spray-on, wipe off application.

Starke Mildew Clean - Mildew remover safe for all surfaces including vinyl and gelcoat. 

Starke Salt Clean - PH neutral salt remover for a quick washdown to remove harmful salt. 

Marine Detail Supply Company rope handle bucket

Autofiber Dreadnought drying towel to keep away difficult to remove waterspots.

Autofiber Wash Monster wash mitt 



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