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FREE Starke Sample Kit

How to Qualify Below!


The Starke product line-up has been developed by professional marine detailers that perform at the highest level. High quality raw materials have been formulated into easy to use products that save you time and money. To qualify for a free sample kit, fill out the form below. Once the form has been submitted, a member of our team will review the information we've requested. If you qualify, you will receive a promo code via email to enter at checkout.

What all is included in a sample kit!

The FREE sample kit offering will be ran through a verification process before you receive your promo code. Please fill out the form HERE and email to receive your promo code to enter at checkout. The FREE packs are meant for NEW, first time customers only. If you do not wish to go thru the verification process, sample kits can be purchased for $29.99 + shipping below.

Kit Contents

• 4 oz. Levelr Extra Heavy Cut Compound

• 4 oz. Restructure Heavy Cut Compound

• 4 oz. Elevate Medium Cut Compound

• 4 oz. Ignition Finishing Polish

• 4 oz. Triple P SiO2 Finishing Polish

• 4 oz. Revolution Cleaner Wax4 oz. Hybrid Marine Sealant

• 4 oz. Hyper Hold Polymer Sealant

• 4 oz. Pure Clean Boat Soap

• 4 oz. Replenish Carbon Infused SiO2 Spray Sealant

• 4 oz. Metal Polish

• 4 oz. Simple Clean

• 4 oz. Crystal Clear Glass Polish

• 4 oz. Venom Waterspot Remover

Don't Qualify?

Unfortunately not everyone will qualify for this Free Sample Kit. If you did not qualify for the Sample Kit but would still like to purchase one, you can do that HERE for $29.99!