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Starke Sample Kit

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Professional grade

The Starke product line-up has been developed by professional marine detailers that perform at the highest level. High quality raw materials have been formulated into easy to use products that save you time and money.

What all is included in a sample kit!

Kit Contents

• 4 oz. Level R Extra Heavy Cut Compound

• 4 oz. Elevate Medium Cut Compound

• 4 oz. Ignition Finishing Polish

• 4 oz. Triple P SiO2 Finishing Polish

• 4 oz. Revolution Cleaner Wax

• 4 oz. Hyper Hold Pro Polymer Sealant

• 4 oz. Pure Clean Boat Soap

• 4 oz. Ultra Clean Si02 Clean Boat Soap

• 4 oz. Replenish Carbon Infused SiO2 Spray Sealant

• 4 oz. Metal Polish

• 4 oz. Simple Clean

• 4 oz. Mildew Clean

• 4 oz. Venom Waterspot/Rust Remover

• 4 oz. Hydrate Waterless Wash

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