Starke Liquid THOR Nano Ceramic Marine Coating



Liquid Thor is an advanced marine grade nano ceramic coating made with the installer in mind. The sophisticated carrier agent is a low VOC solvent that has amazing work time and is able to suspend and efficiently transfer high levels of Si02/Ti02 nano particles and UV inhibitors to the gel coat, marine paint, glass, metal, vinyl, plastic and isinglass.


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Check out our maintenance and washcare handbook to see how you should install and maintain a ceramic coating on your boat. 
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How we estimate: 1 Kit will typically cover 650 square feet (Hull - Waterline Up and interior of a 24 ft. boat). The bottom will almost always take the same as Hull - Waterline Up. Our estimations are aimed to leave you with a little extra liquid. This is so you can coat your engine cowlings, your propellers, and in case you have need for some touch up later on!
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
We love STARKE products. they make our clean up easy and are always passing the word to other fellow captains and crew.
— Rich Barrett - Captain, Shark Byte
Customer reviews
Been using STARKE products for a few years now. I was hesitant to switch from my waxing routine to STARKE ceramics. I'm glad I did. The boat looks amazing and cleans up way easier. No more waxing once a month.
— Captain Taylor Hansen, Blue View
Looking to go down the ceramic coating rabbit hole? Read thru our FAQs to help make your decision.


How long will the coating last?

There is no simple answer to this question. In fact, the answer is different based upon factors like how the boat is stored, used, its age and how its maintained. Once these factors are considered, you can set expectations.

A generalization that we like to use it this.

If you store your boat in dry storage where its covered and routinely washed once a month and used lightly you can see up to 3 years of performance before having to consider reapplication.

Some areas will wear differently than others. If you use your boat very often and its kept outside, then you can expect up to 12 to 18 months with proper maintenance. Flat areas that see sun much of the day will tend to
go first while up and down surfaces like hull sides tend to hold up better.

What is the difference between a creme based polymer and a solvent based ceramic nano coating?

Solvent based ceramic nano coatings fill in pores of the substrate on a molecular
level and form a mechanical covalent bond and can mostly only be removed by
abrasion. Crème based polymers stick to the the top of the substrate and do not
fully penetrate and fill the pores. They can be removed with heavy cleaners and degreaser and are not resistant to chemicals like ceramic coatings. In comparison,
ceramic coatings last many more soap washes than traditional polymers sealants. They also offer superior UV protections and are loaded with gloss inhibitors that
give the finish a glass like appearance.

Is the ceramic coating DIY friendly?

Some coatings can be more user friendly than others. Liquid Thor is by far
one of the easiest coatings to apply. The formula has a sophisticated low VOC
solvent and carrier systems that allows for a longer flash time. The installer can
do larger sections which improves efficiency during application. This can save
you time. If you’re a professional, time is money. For the DIYer, this is the coating you want to use if you want ease of use. If you have aged porous gelcoat or if you want the highest solid coating we offer, Repel Pro has been our top pick for years. Slightly more difficult to install but offers incredible durability and protection in the harshest of conditions.

How much does Ceramic Coating Cost?

Ceramic coating is not cheap. The material does go a really long way. You don’t
need much! It also last way longer than any other traditonal creme based polymer sealant when applied properly. Before applying ceramic coating, it is super important that you remove all contaminants and oxidation from the pores thru the reconditioning
process. By that we mean sanding, buffing and polishing. If you coat over oxidation, it will come back, and the coating will fail. Check out the link to our product estimator to see ow much product you need.

How long does it take for Ceramic Coating to cure fully?

Ceramic coating can dry to the touch in a couple of hours. You should try to prevent getting the coating wet within 12 to 24 hours. Do not use any cleaners or soap
for up to 5 to 7 days after initial after application for best results.

How do I maintain the Ceramic Coating on my boat?

Improper maintenance on ceramic coatings is the number one reason why ceramic coatings fail assuming they were put on correctly with the necessary prep work prior to application.

Check out our maintenance and washcare handbook to see how you should maintain a ceramic coating on your boat.  ----- > Handbook

Is Ceramic Coating permanent?

No. The Starke ceramic coating line up does not claim to be permanent. Solvent
based ceramic coatings that use poly siloxane resin-based carrier systems do mechanically
bond the substrate. To remove these coatings would require taking abrasive
measures to remove. However, when applied properly, the coating should be invisible
to the human eye. We are not laying the coating on thick and letting it cure.
If we did that bad things could happen. Like yellowing, peeling, cracking. We are only laying this coating 2 to 3 microns thick. Its simply filling in and penetrating the pores of the substrate which keep the oxidation from embedding in the pores of gelcoat or paint while also providing extreme UV protection and gloss. No other traditional crème based or paste based sealant can offer that. Ceramic coating technology
is the best on the market for protecting your investment. Hands down.

Can you put Wax on top of a Ceramic Coating?

You can but it is NOT recommended. Do not use soaps with wax in them. Ceramic coatings are anti-static and if you mask them with static sealants like traditional waxes they will become sticky and collect contaminants, especially dust and exhaust soot.

How important is water quality when maintaining a Ceramic Coating?

Water quality is very important. If using poor water with high PPM when washing,
you can develop a film over the top of the coating. This film can mask the
coating and diminish its hydrophobic and protective properties. We recommend
using deionized or reverse osmosis water systems for periodic rinse downs after
usage and to always dry you boat with a drying towel to prevent water spotting,
especially on dark colors. We also recommend using Replenish Sio2 Maintenance
as often as possible. It can be used as a drying aid. Soap washes once a
month are recommended with spot free rinse downs after usage.

Why are Ceramic Coatings in a glass bottle?

The reason we use glass is because pure Ceramic Coating would react with the plastic to make the liquid solution unusable. Plastic is not safe to use as packaging for Ceramic Coatings and glass is required instead to keep the liquid coating safe for use. We also distribute our variant sizes in 100ml units. Variant sizes of 500ml and 1000ml would come as 5-100ml and 10-100ml bottles, respectively.