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Starke Repel Pro Marine Grade Ceramic Coating

Repel Pro is an ultra concentrated marine grade ceramic coating delivering true 9h hardness and a multi-year guarantee on paint. Gel coats being much more porous will still experience 2-3x the durability of most polymer based sealants.

Repel Pro is much less flexible and would be used in areas where only the absolute finest in surface protection is required and where longevity and performance is of utmost concern. Remember while using either, to top with Starke Replenish and also use often as a maintenance product to extend the life of the coating.

500mL and 1000ml sizes will be fulfilled in 100mL bottles.

Ex. 500mL = (5) 100mL bottle


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Product Benefits
Repel Pro is a highly durable, marine grade nano coating that protects your boats
surface paint or gel coat against harsh salt water environment.
Product Estimator (2-3 questions max)
Quetion #1:
What type of boat do you have?
Center Console (True)
Center Console (Cabin)
Catamaran (Motor)
Catamaran (Sailing)
Sailing Cruiser
Sailing Yacht
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How we estimate: 1 Kit will typically cover 650 square feet (Hull - Waterline Up and interior of a 24 ft. boat). The bottom will almost always take the same as Hull - Waterline Up. Our estimations are aimed to leave you with a little extra liquid. This is so you can coat your engine cowlings, your propellers, and in case you have need for some touch up later on!
The most complete protective coating system for the marine industry!
The Starke product line-up is a world-class gel coat and paint reconditioning and preventative maintenance system developed by professional mega yacht detailers.
Here’s an easy-to-understand graph that shows the difference in protection.
Feature Repel Pro Traditional Wax Polymer Sealants
Highly Concentrated
UV Protection
High Gloss
Stain Resistant
9h Hardness
Frequently Asked Questions
These are some of the most common questions and answers about our product.
Repel Pro will last much longer than a traditional boat wax or polymer sealant without re-applying, typically 18-24 months in southern states and 3-4 seasons up north. Depending on how often you want to perform maintenance, the boat will need wax every three months while Repel Pro will only need a touch-up (not a complete application) every 12-18 months in order to keep the finish well protected.
Repel Pro has a hardness of 9H, which is currently the best rating in the industry. The marine grade formula is composed of SiO2 nano particles suspended in our advanced carrier agent with solids of roughly 90%.
No, we do not suggest applying wax or sealant over the coating because it will create a static layer that will attract contaminates. Repel Pro is superior to traditional waxes and polymer sealants, and once applied, you will never need to wax again, only maintain and touch up the coating as time goes by.
Any polishing or paint correction along with surface decontamination should be completed before the application of Repel Pro. If you’re happy with the condition of your finish, make sure the paint or gel coat has been thoroughly washed and decontaminated. Once the surface has been washed with Dawn, clean the panels with Prep Wipe (IPA) to remove any remaining polish, wax, and surface contaminants before apply the coating.
Repel Pro requires washing and upkeep. This upkeep is easier with a coating than it is with wax. The better you maintain the coating the longer it will last. We recommend using Replenish SiO2 maintenance spray every 1-3 months and washing with Pure Clean boat soap. The cost is minimal compared to waxing every three months.
Repel Pro can be applied to most exterior surfaces including gel coat, paint, metal, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, acrylic glass and isinglass.
Many people use our product, and we are glad that it is really useful for our customers. And here
are a few stories that they shared with us.
We have been using Repel Pro on our client's boats with a high level of success. Our customers rely on our knowledge when it comes to choosing the best products.
It's easy for me to sell my boat coating jobs because all I have to say is this product is being used in South Florida on super yachts with great success. I've seen it with my own eyes.
I have been using this product on both of my boats in the harsh Florida Keys. It work very well, looks great and makes cleaning a breeze. This boat is 10 years old and it looks new!
I have worked 10 days out of 14. During those work days I put the boat through the ringer to prove to myself just how great it was. It passed the tests with flying colors.
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