Starke Pure Clean Boat Soap


Starke Pure Clean is our newest boat soap that is ultra-concentrated, containing powerful, high foaming action. This soap was designed to work specifically in conjunction with our new Starke waxes & ceramic coatings. A little goes a long way.

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    Looking for the perfect everyday maintenance soap that won't strip any waxes or sealants? Then Pure Clean is the choice for you, this Highly concentrated formula allows for maximum suds and foaming action while washing. This Results in less scratching and swirls left on the paint or gel coat from contaminants being on the surface. Pure Clean works great when sprayed out of a Foam Cannon or when filling a bucket. Safe on all Marine Surfaces. 


      Add 1/2 ounce of wash for every gallon of water.
      Water and Brushing will activate foaming action
      Wash Surface watching not to let the product dry when working in direct sun
      Rinse Thorougly


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      Watch this short product review on Pure Clean for maintenance on marine gelcoats


      Starke's Pure clean is PH neutral, this means it will be safe to use on all sealant and coatings. Some soaps like Dawn dish soap are far out of PH Balance, these will strip away your coating or sealant after extended use.


      This soap works spectacularly when put inside a foam cannon and attached to a pressure washer. This highly concentrated formula produces more than enough suds.


      Lubrication is very important when washing freshly polished surfaces. Pure clean will provide more than enough slickness to assure the brush/wash mitt you are using does not leave behind any scratches or holograms.


      If you're the type of boat owner to be on their boat washing it daily or every other day. This is the product for you. Safe in the marine environments Aswell as being PH neutral. This product won't hurt your boat or the environment it's stored in.

      Frequently asked questions

      Yes! Pure clean works great when put into a foam cannon and attached to a pressure washer. The highly concentrated formula provides more than enough suds when using the foam cannon

      Pure clean only requires a 1/2 ounce of product for every gallon of water you are using. Say you have 4 gallons of water in a bucket, you will add 2 ounces of the Pure Clean.

      Being that Pure clean is PH Neutral, it is completely safe to use on all Waxes, sealants and coatings.

      We recommend doing maintenance washes with the Pure Clean atleast once a month. But being that Pure Clean is PH Neutral there will be no downsides to more frequent wash downs.

      Pure clean does not have any wax or si02 resins in the formula meaning this soap can be used on all different kinds of vessels and vehicles.

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