Flex FS140 - Flexible shaft Polisher


Introducing the Flex FS140 Flexible Shaft, your ultimate ally in achieving flawless marine detailing with precision and ease. This innovative tool is tailor-made for the Flex PXE 80 cordless polisher, revolutionizing how you approach spot repairs, corners, and inaccessible areas that traditional tools simply can't reach.

At 1400 mm in length and capable of up to 6000 rpm, the Flex FS140 is designed for maximum maneuverability and efficiency. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and optimal handling, featuring a slim handle and versatile positions for seamless control. 

Imagine effortlessly polishing behind fixtures, navigating between intricate components, and revitalizing hard-to-access surfaces such as door handles, wheel spokes, grille slats, and hood vents. This tool excels where others fall short, delivering professional results with every use.

Included in the kit are multiple foam attachments, each color-coded for varying degrees of firmness: Teal (Soft), Purple (Medium), and Orange (Hard). This allows you to tailor your approach based on surface sensitivity and desired finish.

Experience the power and precision of the Flex FS140 Flexible Shaft – your indispensable companion for achieving immaculate marine detailing, every time.