Mirka Galaxy Grip 5"

By Mirka

Mirka Galaxy is a truly universal multi-purpose product, with excellent performance on both soft and hard materials. With self-sharpening ceramic grains, Galaxy has a fast cut and a long life, with superb edge wear resistance. Its dust repellent coating gives it optimal clog resistance and dust extraction. Performs well in vehicle manufacturing, collision repair, marine production, and wood sectors.

Use for


Suitable materials

Steel, Mild steel / carbon steel, Non-ferrous metal, Paint stripping / removal, Plaster / Filler, Synthetic materials, Chipboard, Solid surface, Stainless steel, Composites, Veneer, Plastics, Primer, Paint sanding, Body filler, Hardwood, Soft / Resinous wood, Lacquers, MDF / HDF, Gel coat, Glass fibe