Liquid Thor Nano Ceramic Coating

Made in USA
Liquid THOR Nano Ceramic Marine Coating

Liquid Thor is an advanced marine grade nano ceramic coating made with the installer in mind. The sophisticated carrier agent is a low VOC solvent that has amazing work time and is able to suspend and efficiently transfer high levels of Si02/Ti02 nano particles and UV inhibitors to the gel coat, marine paint, glass, metal, vinyl, plastic and isinglass.


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The Benefits of Liquid Thor
Liquid Thor is a super advanced nano ceramic coating that allows for a more easy and efficient method of application
About Technology
Ceramic nano coatings are synthetic nano particles that bond on a sub atomic nano-molecular level to create a hard, super hydrophobic surface. Because the particles are so small, when applied to a surface, they seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals and extreme heat.
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Starke Yacht Care is one of the original pioneers in bringing high performance surface technology to the forefront of the marine detailing industry. We have tested and developed hundreds of different formulas from the leading manufacturers only to derive our proprietary system of reconditioning and restoration products designed specifically for gel coats and marine paints.
Frequently Asked Questions
These are some of the most common questions and answers about our product.
Liquid Thor will last much longer than a traditional boat wax or polymer sealant without re-applying, typically 12-18 months in southern states and 18-36 months for seasonal boaters in the north. Depending on how often you want to perform maintenance, the boat will need wax every two to three months while Liquid thor will only need a touch-up (not a complete application) every 12-18 months in order to keep the finish well protected.
Liquid Thor has a hardness of 9H, which is currently the best rating in the industry. The marine grade formula is composed of SiO2 nano particles suspended in our advanced carrier agent with solids of roughly 90%.
No, we do not suggest applying wax or sealant over the coating because it will create a static layer that will melt and attract contaminates. Liquid Thor is superior to traditional waxes and polymer sealants, and once applied, you will never need to wax again, only maintain and touch up the coating as time goes by.
Any polishing or paint correction along with surface decontamination should be completed before the application of Repel Pro. If you’re happy with the condition of your finish, make sure the paint or gel coat has been thoroughly washed and decontaminated. Once the surface has been washed with Dawn, clean the panels with Prep Wipe (IPA) to remove any remaining polish, wax, and surface contaminants before apply the Liquid Thor.
Your vessel will still require washing and upkeep. This upkeep is easier with a Liquid Thor than it is with wax. The better you maintain the coating the longer it will last. We recommend using Replenish SiO2 maintenance spray every 1-3 months and washing with Pure Clean boat soap. The cost is minimal compared to waxing every three months.
Liquid Thor can be applied to gel coat, paint, glass, metal, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, acrylic glass and isinglass.
Liquid Thor is going to offer an easier solution to application. Our team of chemists were tasked with trying to figure out how we could develop a ceramic coating that could efficiently transfer the nano particles better than Repel Pro without sacrificing durability. When using Repel Pro, the carrier solvents like to sweat out and tack up quickly, especially in direct sunlight. When removing the residual, we also noticed that we were having to remove an excessive amount of material. The microfibers were loading up and becoming hard when the coating cured. This led us to believe we were removing too much product. We could try to spread it thinner but it would become more difficult to remove. In addition, we wanted to become more efficient in installation, so application and removal was a big focal point for us. Time is money. This particular coating has a more advanced carrier solvent. It allows for a longer work time so you can do larger sections. Liquid Thor is very simple to level and remove. After spreading the material, you have approximately 5 to 10 mins to level and buff depending on atmospheric conditions. At the end of the day we are able to save installers time and money on material cost which should substantially increase operating margin.
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It's easy for me to sell my boat coating jobs because all I have to say is this product is being used in South Florida on super yachts with great success. I've seen it with my own eyes.
I have been using this product on both of my boats in the harsh Florida Keys. It work very well, looks great and makes cleaning a breeze. This boat is 10 years old and it looks new!
I have worked 10 days out of 14. During those work days I put the boat through the ringer to prove to myself just how great it was. It passed the tests with flying colors.
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