There’s nothing like your yacht’s exterior looking brand new, but that doesn’t mean its interior surfaces and components should be neglected. We offer an ideal range of yacht maintenance products for sale that help you keep your boat looking its best. Our Replenish silica spray provides the perfect clean accent to an already polished gelcoat job. It works well on plastic, metal, glass, gelcoat, and paint, proving its versatility for both wet and dry applications. You can also find spot remover, multipurpose cleaner, and microfiber towels, so every inch of your yacht is spick-and-span. All of our items are proven performers for the boating environment, so you can use them knowing they add value to your waterfront investments. Shop our yacht maintenance products for sale below!

Yacht Maintenance Products for Sale

Starke Replenish Silica Spray


Starke Pure Clean Boat Soap


Starke Venom Water Spot and Stain Remover


Starke Simple Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Starke Surface Prep Alcohol Spray


Starke Mildew Clean


Starke Ultra Clean SiO2 Soap


Starke Hydrate Waterless Wash RTU


Starke Teak Clean