Introducing the Reel Shine Compounding, Polishing and Sealant System for Motor Yacht Paint and Gel Coat

on October 04, 2018

Want a truly long lasting shine to protect and beautify your boat?

Now it is easier than ever to get the marine compounds, polishes, & waxes you need. 

Whether you are a DIY’er or a professional, Starke Yacht Care has made choosing the right polishing product for your gel-coat or paint as easy as 1-2-3

Get the Best and Right Product for your Boat

Before Reel Shine: 

  • Buying the right Boat Wax, Compound, Polish, Boat Soap, Metal Polish, Buffing Pads, and other marine detailing products was a very time consuming and confusing task.  
  • You found a trip to your local marine supply store overwhelming… were bombarded with way too many choices. 
  •  You found that well-meaning store clerks did not have the experience or knowledge to point you in the right direction.

Save Money when you choose the Right Products Developed by Industry Professionals

Now, the Starke product line-up you can:

  • Avoid sky-high prices of local marine supply stores with so-so products
  • Avoid long trips to distant discounters. 
  • Avoid filling a shelf in your garage, boat locker, or dock box with 20-30 disappointing polishing products,…all 3/4 full because the product did not meet your expectations or was the wrong product for the job.  

The Simple and Smart Solution

  • Starke Yacht Care experts have made the selection process easy
  • We only offer the highest standard of compounds, polishes, and waxes found in the world 
  • Save time and money when you buy wisely and easily from Reel Shine

The master mind behind Reel Shine products has over 30 years of professional Boat & Yacht Detailing experience