For yacht owners and captains, investing in ceramic coatings for their yachts can be a little challenging and overwhelming. The idea of ceramic coating may be a little new to you, but don’t worry, we are here to help. Starke Yacht Care compiled a few commonly asked questions when someone like you is ready to invest in ceramic coating for their yacht.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are a relatively new addition to the yacht & boat detailing world, but are far from a new science. Specifically, ceramic coatings are neatly ordered arrangements of Silicon (Si) and Oyxgen (O) atoms in a 3D polymeric framework.

This nano-ordering causes a highly durable, glass-like coating to form that is responsible for greatly increased durability, chemical and stain resistance, UV stability and hydrophobic properties. Ceramic coatings allow for an easier to maintain finish that is more maintenance friendly.

Is Ceramic Coating a DIY project?

This is certainly a two-part question, so let’s start with the simplest answer. Can you DIY a project of this size? Yes. Do we recommend it? No, not really. If you own a superyacht or charter company, a DIY of this magnitude can take a very long time. Leave it to the professionals. Contact us so we can connect you to one of our certified applicator crews. One other thing to consider: if you have an older yacht, it will take longer to prepare, which can mean a lot of downtime for your yacht. Applying ceramic coating requires a lot of preparation. One misstep and you’ll have to start all over. Do you want to risk being off the water that long?

Does it Last Long?

From the abrasiveness of seawater to rough weather patterns, yachts experience harsh conditions. The length of the coating depends on two things—the elements and maintenance. The life expectancy is really a function of the itinerary for the vessel, factoring in where it lives, how much it’s fished/used and if its using our maintenance products and plan. Other factors and characteristics include whether it’s gel coat or paint and if so, what type, what age? A basic generalization would to reevaluate and possibly reapply after 12 to 24 months.

How Much Coating is Needed to Be Effective?

Determining the amount of ceramic coating for yachts isn’t an exact science. There are several mitigating factors, such as the length and width of your boat and super-structure size. Initially, we recommend 50ml per every 100 square ft of your boat, with at least two coats for the interior and hull of your yacht. Our team will first inspect the size of your boat and then craft a plan that would work best for the vessel.

Wouldn’t I Save Money If I Applied it Myself?

Applying ceramic coating on a yacht requires many steps. If you miss one, then you jeopardize the bonding properties of the coating and this, in turn, may lead to poor performance or failure of the coating. Having the ceramic coating done professionally means that if something goes wrong it will be corrected. Starke Yacht Care offers a 12 month guarantee on the work completed by our certified applicators.

How Long Does It Take?

On a larger yacht, you may spend several days on preparation work. Applying one coat may take up to several hours. You will need to make sure the conditions are appropriate if working outdoors. Weather may be a factor and delay the process if the boat is not under cover.

Why Should I Use Starke Yacht Care Products

What’s great about our STARKE product line is that it was developed by a professional yacht detailer working very closely with chemists and the manufacturer. Paint rejuvenation and reconditioning can save yachts owners hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to repaint. Repel Pro has proven itself as one of the industries top performing marine grade ceramic coatings that is capable of locking in the high gloss finish brought about from the STARKE compound and polishing system for 2-3 years.

How long do ceramic coatings really last?

In our experience, the life span of the coating is really a function of the itinerary for the vessel, in addition to factoring in where it lives, how much it’s fished/used, recommending our maintenance regime, amongst a host of other facts and characteristics about the boat (whether it’s gelcoat or paint and if so, what type, what age) a basic generalization would be a recommendation would to at least reevaluate and possibly reapply after 12 to 24 months depending.

What you’re paying for when you have a coating professionally installed?

Coatings are a justifiably more expensive option than most waxes or sealants. They require extensive preparation of the surfaces being applied to, including the paintwork being polished and the coating being properly applied and cured. Any pre-existing damage, such as scratches and swirls, much also be addressed prior to the coating application, as they cannot be removed after the fact without removing the coating - which can involve heavy compounding or even wet sanding.

October 13, 2018 — John Watkins
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