When you have a premium ceramic coating and sealant for your yacht, it’s fitting to have marine buffing and polishing pads and accessories that will give your yacht the true care it’s due. We carry dozens of items for top-notch yacht care, all the way from cutting and polishing wool pads to ultra-plush microfiber detailing towels. We also offer foam pads for buffing and finishing, backing plates, orbital polishers, and polishing pads from coarse to fine grain. As boat aficionados ourselves, we understand the need to have a variety of marine buffing and polishing pads and items that can address any yacht’s material or oxidization level. We’re proud to serve the boating and yachting community with the highest level of products. Shop our online catalog today!

Marine Buffing and Polishing Pads

Lake Country Purple Foamed Wool Pad


Lake Country HDO Orange Polishing Pad


Lake Country HDO Blue Heavy Polish Pad


Lake Country CCS White Light Polishing Pad


Lake Country FORCE Orange Foam Cutting Pad


Lake Country FORCE Light Grey Heavy Cutting Pad


8'' x 1.5'' Lake Country Double Side Twisted Wool Buffing Pad


Lake Country FORCE White Foam Polishing Pad


Lake Country SDO Orange Polishing Pad